PAC offers Planned Maintenance and Maintenance Management programs — custom designed to fit your needs — which can stop little problems from turning into major issues. Our talented technicians are trained to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, assuring maximum performance and productivity.

We offer New and Pre-Owned/Refurbished Equipment, as well as Service, Parts and Installation.

No matter the size of your laundry operation, PAC has the expertise to take care of all of your needs. Contact us today.


PAC Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Program is offered exclusively by PAC Industries, LLC., with the intention of completely managing the maintenance repairs and parts for your commercial laundry equipment for a minimum of one year. Our Maintenance Management Program uses a contracted price, which includes the cost of all necessary repair parts, service, and labor.

Benefits to the Program

  •  Less breakdown leading to greater productivity
  • Lower utility expenses
  • No service invoices = Reduced administrative expenses
  • Greater safety control
  • Priority scheduling of service calls
  • Review of laundering procedures for your personnel
  • Computerized evaluation and data information of each location and each machine
  • Extended equipment life
  • Serviced by factory trained personnel
  • Accurate fiscal budgeting of laundry department expenses
  • Precision test procedures for optimum efficiency of laundry equipment
  • Pre-scheduled planned maintenance (PM)
  • No delays searching for factory trained technicians to competently repair equipment
  • No delays of authorization
  • Service with a smile   

The Program Excludes

  • Personnel misuse of equipment
  • Physical damage
  • Service performed by others or unauthorized by PAC
  • Fires, Floods, Acts of God


"...We like the ease of calling one contact for all locations and the cost expectations being known in advance for ease in budgeting. The contract also includes and provides Preventative Maintenance on every piece of equipment annually which relieves the hotel of this task and keeps the equipment operating which expands the life cycle of the original investment..."

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