NATCO Hot Water Heater

Equpiment Specifications

  • TH1-80-199
  • 2019
  • Brand new
  • 120/60/1
  • 80 Gallon
  • Natural GAS


We have one of the NATCO TH1-80-199 hot water heater. This hot water heater is brand new in the shipping crate. This machine is offered at the bargain of $4,500. This price does not include delivery or sales tax. Please contact us with any questions. 1-800-692-6214


  • Low Nox
  • Tough glass lined steel tank
  • Automatic flue damper limited standby loss
  • Electronic Spark Ignition (no standing pilot)
  • Hand-hole cleanout for maintenance
  • Magnesium anode rods employed to provide extra measure of corrosion prevention for long life
  • Adjustable electric thermostat to any temperature up to 180°F
  • A non-recycling energy cut-off shuts off all gas in the event of an overheat condition


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