Planned Maintenance

The PAC Planned Maintenance Program can keep minor problems from becoming major breakdowns.

Keep “minor problems” from becoming  “major breakdowns.”

The PAC Planned Maintenance Program can keep minor problems from becoming major breakdowns.  Major breakdowns that can hurt your operation in two expensive ways:

  • Raising the cost of emergency repairs for preventable breakdowns of washers, dryers, and finishing equipment
  • Creating downtime that turns into lost productivity

Now PAC Industries offers you the opportunity to take a step toward protection of your investment and preventing lost productivity. With the PAC Planned Maintenance Program, PAC can stop the little problems from turning into major ones.

One of our factory trained technicians will keep your equipment lubed, oiled, greased and adjusted to assure maximum productivity and prolonged life. Let PAC do the scheduling, provide the manpower and stock the necessary materials to keep your Planned Maintenance Program on track.

After each Planned Maintenance visit, correspondence from our service technician will be sent to you confirming the work performed and to suggest any follow-up action that may be deemed necessary.  A record of your maintenance activity will be filed and the next visit scheduled.  You will be billed after each Planned Maintenance activity at the agreed price as stated in the Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Planned Maintenance Program Benefits

  • Increased Productivity in Industrial Laundry
  • Pro-Active Maintenance Program
  • Increased Longevity of Equipment
  • Safety Review
  • Minor Adjustments Included

"...This is one PM program I am glad I signed up for. It takes the burden off of me and gives me the peace of mind to know my equipment is being thoroughly serviced and running at peak efficiency. PAC's service technicians are professional, courteous and always take the time to communicate with me when the job is done..."

Greg Clower - Woodfin Suites, Rockville, MD


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