Eco-Friendly Commitment

At PAC Industries we have made a commitment to not just trend toward eco-friendly in word only but in the machinery and the manufacturers of the machinery with whom we have partnered.

We have been and continue to believe and practice that we are all stewards of the environment for current and future generations. We make every attempt on a daily basis to engage in “best practices” even when servicing equipment. That includes proper recycling of metal from disposed machinery, recycling cardboard and proper disposal of oil and solvents.

With energy costs constantly on the rise, PAC feels it is our obligation to find ways to assist you in the reduction of energy use as well. PAC’s Green Laundry Technology offers you the opportunity to do just that. We have spent a considerable amount of time investigating and testing certain technologies that allow for a substantial reduction in your carbon foot print. These technologies, also, afford a reasonable time table for the return on your financial investment. The products listed below offer you a firsthand look at these technologies.


Milnor RinSave

  • Saves Water
  • Saves Energy
  • Saves Time
Milnor Tunnel

Milnor PulseFlow

  • Saves Water
  • Saves Energy
  • Shorter wash time
  • Longer linen life

Milnor EcoDry

  • Energy Efficient
  • High Performance
  • Versatile

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