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PAC offers Planned Maintenance and Maintenance Management programs — custom designed to fit your needs — which can stop little problems from turning into major issues. Our talented technicians are trained to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency, assuring maximum performance and productivity.

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Frank Costabile

Frank Costabile


Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell: (717) 443-1087

Frank M. Costabile, PAC’s President, has 46 years of experience in the commercial and industrial laundry operations. Frank started repairing coin operated washers and dryers at the age of 12 years old with his father, Philip A. Costabile, for whom PAC is named.

After obtaining a degree in business, Frank, along with brothers Rocco and Phil, purchased and ran PAC Industries, which distributes commercial and industrial laundry equipment. At the time, PAC also operated a route operation for coin laundries.  Frank’s duties included installation and service of on-premise laundries (OPL) and all coin operated equipment.

Eventually PAC sold its route operation. Frank became more involved with the design and marketing of industrial laundry operations, always investigating the latest techniques available for effective and efficient industrial laundry facilities.  These duties also included direct involvement with the research and development engineering departments at the manufacturing level with field knowledge to assist in the final design of the laundry equipment being manufactured today.  Frank and his brothers built PAC Industries into a distribution company servicing six states with over 50 employees with quality sales, installation, service and parts, and refurbishing commercial and industrial laundry equipment. In 2009, the Costabile brothers formed an ESOP that created a 100% employee-owned company.

Frank has been involved with organizations such as the National Association of Laundry Managers, Pennsylvania Dry-cleaning Association, Coin Laundry Association, Textile Rental Services Association of America, and the Textile Care Allied Trades Association.

Rocco Costabile

Rocco Costabile

Director of Finance

Office: (717) 657-0407

Rocco, and his two brothers, Phil and Frank, purchased a small laundry business from their father Philip A. Costabile, and formed PAC Industries Partnership in 1972. In 1976, the company (PAC Industries, Inc.) became incorporated, with the partnership becoming a separate entity. With this in mind, PAC has now entered into their 39th year of sales and service of commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

Rocco’s duties as Chief Financial Officer were to oversee the accounts receivables and payables, as well as assist Phil with the banking activities. Being a small company, Rocco was able to be involved with service and installation of the coin operated, as well as small 'on premise laundry.’ At one point in his career, he managed 12 coin stores owned by Scotland Laundry Associates, of which PAC was a partner. In 1994, Rocco became president of PAC, as well as the managing partner in PAC Partnership. He has since relinquished his title of President to Frank Costabile. At present, Rocco is the Directoir of Finance for the company with emphasis on accounts payable and receivable, and a concentrated effort in assisting with coin operated equipment sales, while maintaining his position as managing the partnership.

Some of Rocco's activities outside of the company, are enjoying a good round of golf with pals, exercising, spending time with his wife, Marsha, and family in Hilton Head, S.C., and on occasion, riding his Harley.

"After 39 years of being part of PAC Industries, and the 'PAC Family', I can honestly say that I have not one regret. It has been a pleasure working for PAC, and especially working with all those wonderful people that have participated over the years."

Joe  Leo

Joe Leo

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell: (717) 443-1083

Joe has been working in the laundry industry since 1980 and has been employed by PAC Industries since 1988.  His expertise includes all facets of a laundry equipment buyers’ needs. These include industrial/commercial linen plants, healthcare facilities, hospitality, and coin laundries.  Joe pays particular attention to building long-term relationships with his customers.

Curt Smith

Curt Smith


Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell:

Curt Smith became PAC’s controller in May 2011.  Prior to joining PAC, Curt spent eight years in public accounting with KPMG, followed by 22 years in the bottled water and vending industries as a controller and CFO.  He is a CPA and a member of the AICPA, PICPA, and the Institute of Management Accountants.  Curt is married to Betsy and has two grown daughters, Jen and Megan.

Ali Evola

Ali Evola

Service Manager / Eastern PA, NJ, DE

Office: (215) 638-1000

Rich Fretz

Rich Fretz

Parts Manager

Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell: (717) 602-5647

Rich has been with PAC Industries since 1980. He started at PAC installing laundry equipment and then he moved onto servicing the route operation laundry equipment. When that division was sold, he moved into the service department as a service tech. There, he serviced all aspects of the laundry industry from top loaders to large CBW systems, and is currently involved in the operation of the parts department. In Rich's spare time, he enjoys his hobbies which include flying and building off road toys.

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Systems Designer

Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell: (717) 364-6021

Bryan Smith has been employed by PAC Industries since April of 2003.  He is the systems designer at PAC.  With the use of AutoCAD, he is responsible for providing a functional laundry design and the utility requirements for all projects.  In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He also likes to play golf and watch sports.

Tom Schwarz

Tom Schwarz

Director of Engineering

Office: (717) 657-0407 or Cell: (717) 836-2041

Tom has been with PAC Industries since January of 2016.

Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly

Operations Manager

(215) 638-1000

Steve has been with PAC Industries since August of 2019.